Camden County New Jersey DWI Lawyers

There is a lot of information about DWIs out there, but it can be difficult to sort through it all to find the most accurate and useful information. Every Camden County New Jersey DWI lawyer has a page on their website with FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), but typically lawyers will only include questions on those pages that they want to answer. For example, a DWI lawyer who has only been practicing for a year will probably not have, “How long have you been practicing DWI law?” as one of his standard questions. But a lawyer who has been practicing in the DWI field for ten or more years will list that as one of the frequent questions that he is asked. Another example: If a lawyer has not won a lot of cases, then he will not list, “What percentage of your cases have had a positive result?” Whereas a lawyer who has had great success, will probably include that question. You can probably see where this is going – lawyers and other service professionals have complete control over their FAQ question of their website, and they can use it to give a positive impression of themselves and their services. So what about the real frequently asked questions like, “What should you do if you get pulled over for a DWI?” and “Is it possible to get your DWI reduced to a lower penalty?” To get those questions answered, we spoke with a Camden County New Jersey DWI law firm. Please understand that the information provided in this article is not straight from the source, and our lawyer cannot be held responsible for any falsities in this article.

What should you do if you get pulled over for a DWI?

You may have heard from coworkers or friends or that the best thing to do if you get pulled over for a DWI and you know you are guilty is not even to open your car window or door. Well, according to a Camden County lawyer, you should work with the police officer, and you should not resist arrest in any way. This will help ensure that the police officer provides only positive information about your arrest he gives in his statement.

Is it possible to get your DWI reduced to a lower penalty?

Depending on how high your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) was, and what you blew on the breathalyzer, your lawyer may be able to work to get your charges reduced to reckless driving instead of a DWI. This would be a big deal because a DWI has a much higher impact on your record, wallet, and future than a reckless driving offense.

What is the first step I should take after getting a DWI?

Firstly, contact Camden County New Jersey DWI lawyer Stephen Lukach, from there, he will walk you through all of the other steps necessary to get through your DWI case.

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