Reviewing Penalties Of A DWI

When it comes to DWI penalties, it is important to know the maximum penalties as well as the minimum penalties you can expect to get with help from a DWI lawyer. The basic sentencing goes to an average of 3 to 5 years. This is the maximum sentencing that is granted alongside probation. The hearing given by the court can be considered to be a compassionate sentence for anyone who gets it. The driver is getting a warning that they should not be found in a similar situation because the sentence becomes worse. What is expected is that the driver heeds the advice and does not drink and then drive. Since this is recorded, it means that being taken to court again will be a second offense.

DUI Sentencing
What Are The DWI Sentences For 1st Offense

•    No matter how good your drunk driving attorney is, all the penalties that one gets with the DWI require that the person will attend an informational program that covers either or both drugs and alcohol. You also have to deal with a fine that is imposed on you. It ranges from about $200- about $2000.
•    You can expect to get a period of about 48 hours all the way to 6 months in jail. This time or duration can be lessened if you perform community service. At this point, the driver might be at risk of getting their license suspended for a period going up to 6 months.
•    A restriction on your license can be imposed up to 90 days. For a driver who is a holder of classes 1, 2 A or B, he or she might get a jail term that ranges from 96 hours all the way to 6 months. There are mandatory penalties for which includes a revocation of your license for the next six months as well as fines

What Are The DWI Sentences For 2nd Offense?

•    This comes in if the person caught with a first offense is arrested again within a period of 10 years after their DWI defense attorney helped them with their DWI case. A person can get a fine going all the way to $2000 for this offense. Jail term can be part of the DWI penalties ranging from 4 days all the way to a full twelve months. For your license, one might have to be content with not having it for the next 18 months because it is suspended
•    You might have to go through a mandatory counseling program on alcohol/drugs that takes a full 30 weeks. In case the advice has been imposed, the license might just get suspended for the period that the program will last.
•    A person with a professional license gets a key lock that is put on the vehicle. A mandatory fine and license suspension follows to up to 18 months. A jail term might also be part of the penalty with the person facing 90 days to a whole year.

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