Wisconsin OWI Information To Keep You Safe

There are different Wisconsin OWI sentencing guidelines that you have to deal with if you are caught operating a vehicle under the influence. In fact, OWI is just another way to say DWI, but it stands for operating vehicles while intoxicated instead of driving under the influence.

Fines are part of this legal issue. You will have to pay money to the courts and it will depend on what you did and the sentence you are given. If you have offended more than once, then it will go up and up. If you can’t pay your fines, you will more than likely end up doing jail time. Some people prefer going to jail for a while instead of paying. But, if anything you can work out a payment plan and get this out of your life as long as you don’t do it again.

Consequences of an OWI

The OWI you get may come with a sentence that includes jail time. You will again have it depend on whether or not this is your first time getting this charge. If you’re on your 3rd one then it will be way more severe of a problem than if you were caught for the first time. Judges will not be that easy on you if you prove to them that you are not trying. You may get out of jail time if you show that you are willing to work hard towards being a better person but you have to get sober or it leads to problems.

Licenses are likely to be suspended when you get an OWI. This is something that can severely alter your life because if you get caught driving on a suspended license you get in a lot more trouble. You won’t really have a lot of choices but to take cabs or public transportation to work. Sentencing may include classes you have to go to if you want to get out from under a suspension or you may have to pay fees. Either way, it’s not going to be a good idea to drive if this happens.

The Wisconsin OWI sentencing guidelines depend on what you did and the amount of times you were caught for this in the past. If you are going to drink or do drugs in general, you need to call a cab and go get your car later to avoid issues like this.

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